The Creativity Consortium is a seminar, promotions, publication company with an emphasis on life issues of performance, personal growth and creativity.

The purpose of the Creativity Consortium is to form a network of like-minded people who have a message, a product, or ideas that seek a platform to deliver their message and promote their products.
Members of the Creativity Consortium are entrepreneurs, artists, small business owners, anybody who has a marketable message for personal growth and seeks a larger audience. This includes instructors, trainers, facilitators, therapists, and psychologists, as well as fitness trainers, dance instructors, business and life coaches.

How is the Creativity Consortium different from a speaker's bureau or an event planning company?
The Creativity Consortium is dedicated to the limited membership and caters to the cultivated customer list in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We will promote ourselves through monthly mailings, networking, and word of mouth. This will be a grass root effort focused on a select clientele and limited to a specific regional market.

The mission is to create seminars and products that promote personal growth, performance enhancement and spiritual health.


- limited membership to 10 participants
- twenty-two seminars a year (two seminars a month, except Nov. & Dec.)
- each CC member offers a maximum two seminars a year
- each CC member must have a web presence
- participation requires an annual fee, plus 10% mgmt. fee due after each program
- mailings are limited to twelve a year- paid by the Creativity Consortium
- mailing include postcards and monthly newsletter


- $500 annual fee
- a mailing list of 100 potential seminar contacts
- attend quarterly meeting
- 10% management fee
- encouraged submissions (not required) in monthly newsletter

Seminar pricing

- $250 per participant, estimated 4% attendance from a 1000 mailing = $10,000 income per seminar
- $5,000 profit to CC member for each seminar = $10,000 profit per year
- $5,000 covers the food, space, materials, & 10% mgmt. fee
- mgmt. fee is applied to mailings & services provided



What does the Creativity Consortium offer members?

1. A developed audience & network
2. The resources of current members including:

- book publishing
- graphic design
- web design
- event planning & support
- marketing co-op & shared promotional expenses
- t-shirt design & production

How can the Creativity Consortium help me publish my book?

- the Creativity Consortium can help a member identify the best path of publication for their specific needs.
- one book can be printed for $25.00 at Kinko's
- larger quantities can be printed for half the price at specialty printing companies
- current CC members have self publishing experience & printing connections
- layout design & cover design are available for free or at a reduced price depending on project size

Who pays for the mailings & other seminar expenses?

- The Creativity Consortium will pay for the design, mailing, and postage of the monthly newsletter and postcards.
- Web development & hosting is offered for $225 a year, including email account. Consulting is free.
- Upfront deposits and expenses for each seminar are paid by each presenting member.

- Staffing and labor expenses provided by CC members are covered by the 10% mgmt fee after the event.

CC hosts 22 seminars a year and I'm the featured speaker at 2 of them? Yes

Do I choose the length of the seminars and topics?

Yes, these are your presentations and products; although, in the interest of creating a branded product,
the price of the seminars are set. The seminar pricing can be changed at the approval of the Consortium.

How do the other 20 seminars benefit me the rest of the year?

Each month a newsletter and reminder postcard will be mailed. In the newsletter a calendar will be included with product promotions, a member list of services, and featured articles. The Creativity Consortium will serve as a support network
as well as a marketing co-op.

How does the Creativity Consortium help me with my program?

The CC staff & members will arrange food & meeting space, manage registration in advance & during the program,
handle presentation details (i.e., welcome guest, sell products, oversee program logistics)