Scott Trent





76” x 19” x 12”                  

“Transition” was created in 2008 as an accompanying piece to the awards commissioned for the Holocaust Dinner. I worked with Stephanie & Ellie on selecting the best small sculpture to gift the keynote speaker for the occasion.

The piece has the icon butterfly which represents freedom as the female form holds the symbol of freedom, she is scared and wears a hardened iron flower representing a delicate shape hardened as steel in actuality.  The haunting female form is sculpted to reflect the human spirit and an individual who has survived with resolve.  The piece “transition” is meant to reflect the coexistence of beauty and
strength after experiencing pain and suffering.  Dull spikes cover the back of the piece symbolically representing a past of untold horror.
The front is a scared female form wearing an iron flower lapel as she holds the symbol of freedom with grace and bowed head of humility.  This was the work of art that came to me as I contemplated how best to honor an organization that houses the lessons, hopes and horrors of such a tragic event in our history.