The challenge of innovation is people can't appreciate what they don't know.

Many times the innovator is criticized or worse.


This is an excellent illustration of what it looks like to be ahead of your time. Artists who reshape the way we look at the world, or innovations which changes everything we know. Epochs or art periods are never eased into, they are storms which cause disruptions and uncomfortable change. Imagine the courage that is required to lead such change.

On a show called radio lab they described the first time the ballet, “The Rite of Spring” was introduced in May 29,1913 the audience rioted.  Police were called and fights broke out throughout the music hall.  Seats were ripped up and thrown at the stage, it was complete chaos.  Igor Stravinsky the composer fled the hall before the concert was finished to avoid harm.

Played a year later, April of 1914, the performance was received with a standing ovation.
This is what it looks like to be cutting edge, ahead of your time and the reaction society has before they can catch up with new ideas, thoughts and art.

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  Two musicians imagine what it would look like at a cello concert during the sevententh century baroque period if they played AC/DC Thunderstruck. The audience reaction is perfect!   78 years later  
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