Cress Electric Kiln

model: FE-20 S

Serial #: 46104

Volts 240 AC Amps 26

Depth 20", Outside width 22.5", Outside depth 25.5

Brick thickness: 2.5 inches



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These are acutal images of the kiln.

This Cress Kilns include: Dawson kiln sitter timer, superior locking lid brace, two position lid venting prop, instruction manual. Infinite power adjustment switch (s), heavy gauge elements electrically trimmed for superior temperature uniformity, preassembled kiln stand, lifting handles, steel bottom safety plate, adjustable case clamps, and reinforced lid band.

Also included: 8” Stand (mentioned above), 2 full shelves, 1 half shelf, 1 box of cones/furniture

Electric Kiln for sale 2009 $650
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