Henderson Art Project



6-10’ tall, various dimensions

Albert Scherbarth

This composition is a series of elegant connected conical shapes featuring graceful curves and rhythms. Infinitely scalable, assembled on site and reconfigurable from a linier to a serpentine, radial or even vertical display depending on the footprint and other visual concerns.
The original three or so temporary sculptures I’ve created in this style employed slender steel rods laced, gathered and secured through rings on poles, skinned with recycled chain-link fencing and sheathed with colored plastic film.  A 2 year + version would go one step further and coat the plastic with a tinted fiberglass spray chop for added permanency, durability and stiffness.
Unelegance is fine piece for 2026 Henderson where we could really stretch it out.  Easily modified, lengthened or contorted, this form can fit most any challenging site shape.
As it will be produced on site it will generate interest through out the construction process, engaging the folks nearby and instilling a sense of ownership and pride in the neighbors.