Henderson Art Project



3-4’ across, 2-3’ tall

Albert Scherbarth

One or more cast-on-site, free-standing concrete pieces. The process is very simple and harms nothing:

  1. select a suitable site, grass or dirt, not concrete
  2. waller out a negative form in the ground of what I want the sculpture to look like in positive form (being certain there’s nothing under the surface, 2’ deep max.)
  3. introduce elements color objects in the cavity (the photos show one with glass bits and one with aluminum rods)
  4. set reinforcing bar and mesh
  5. form up the top of the mold (bottom of eventual sculpture, the base is Sonotube and other parts built above ground)
  6. mix by hand in a wheelbarrow, cast concrete, wait one day
  7. or, in the case of the concrete corny dog, excavate a form, pour, repeat and place the first half on top of the previous
  8. excavate gingerly and pull the piece from the earth
  9. back fill the small hole
  10. right the piece and voila, ART

We’ve done quite a few of these around town, mostly in the Cedars and South Dallas neighborhoods where sculpture has to endure the bums and the elements and not be vandalized or stolen easily.

What’s extra neato about this kind of piece is that it is contextual; it happens right here in front of you, the art is a result of the working of the land, easy to understand by a layperson, tells a story, engaging,  works on a personal level requiring little if any outside help or complicated equipment.  Just me, my shovel, some steel, some concrete and a few buckets of water.

I see some of these at 2900 or 3010 Henderson.