Henderson Art Project

Ancient Yearnings


10-14’ tall

Albert Scherbarth

A pre I-beam, riveted, old rusted bridge feel fabricated core, an erector-set series of steel triangular trusses, covered with various gauges of chain link and expanded metal pieces. Shop built and assembled on site to form a cat/dog-like figure 10-14 feet tall (adjustable).  The form features a counter-weighted forepaw gently rocking in a very proscribed, slightly elliptical manner while his gaze is far, far away, down the block.  Sensing something indiscernible, like a dog scrutinizing a ways off, yearning for the future or attention or a lost bone.  The lower sections are covered in a coarse hardware cloth discouraging climbing while adding a bit more substance to the figure.  The open mesh design/construction will mollify wind issues while the raw steel will rust to a ruddy brown bear patina hastened by the artist’s magic potions and sparkling elixirs. 

This outstanding vertical piece is suitable for the terminus or portal on the Newflower, 1800 Henderson end of the sculpture boulevard.