Henderson Art Project

Connecting up

Tim Capper

Connecting up 72”H  10” W (Round)

This piece is made of cast colored plastic and anchored in concrete. The sculpture is lit with a photovoltaic unit and LED lights that are charged with sunlight and then light the sculpture from within. The charge lasts all night. The hands are symbols of the connection we have to each other, the gap is the tension we feel in that connection with all the needs and wants we hide and express to everyone around. The lower hand is a child’s, symbolizing our need to bring up the next generation but our uncertainty where to let go. The light is the power of the universe present but unseen making us feel like cutouts in our own existence.  The position near the school sign would be serendipitous.

This piece would take 2 weeks to manufacture. I have the materials expertise and examples of my other Plastic and Bronze works. I am member of the Texas sculpture association.