Henderson Art Project

31 of 90 years

Sara Lovas

“31 of 90 years”, steel and enamel, 26 3/4" w x 2 1/4" h x 3/4" d, 2005

The sculpture I propose for the Henderson Art Project (HAP) is based on my small sculpture/maquette, “31 of 90 years”. The concept of the maquette is a metaphor for the life lived: the red cut symbolizes the years lived and the uncut tube represents the remaining years left. It celebrates the fire and passion in all of us and the beauty (red flame) created as we live life.

For the HAP, I will create a three-piece sculpture to represent three generations or three lives lived. Henderson runs through a vibrant community that is enjoyed by people of all ages. The sculpture will be cut at three different stages and vary in height from 6 to 9 feet. The interior will be painted red enamel. The exterior, which is steel, will be left raw to wear with the elements and develop a natural patina/rust (similar to the patina of Richard Serra’s work). The edges are melted steel, that while uneven in shape, will not be sharp to the touch. The work will be durable, safe and able to withstand heavy foot traffic.

The piece will be created specifically for the HAP from approx. 3” steel tubing and an oxy-acetylene torch. I have access to a studio, years of welding experience (references available), and can provide a project schedule upon request.
It is preferred that the sculpture be installed on grass, but a base for sidewalk installation could also be created. The installation will consist of underground bracing and poured concrete, similar to the installation of street sign poles or fence posts. It is also preferred that the sculpture be placed on a corner (or area) that is a reasonable distance from street signs due to the similarity in shape. Aside from these considerations, placement is flexible.