Henderson Art Project


Michael Odom

Monument, 72 x 24 x 24 inches

I propose to have a life-size silhouette of a man in a suit fabricated in 1-inch steel. The figure will be painted black and set into a 2-foot cube of concrete. His posture will be as shown in the drawings – a fashion model who exhibits a vague sense of menace – not entirely threatening, but tough and he wants you to know it.

The concrete, however, is another matter entirely. Ideally, after a year, another cube of concrete should be poured on top of the first one, so that he will be further encased over time. While adding concrete to the initial piece after a year or so would be excellent, it is not essential to the proposal that this happen. The metaphor is gender rigidity, and it would seem silly to be rigid on this point.

His placement should be in or near a parking lot, I think.

I am primarily a painter. Since I don’t have the steel and concrete skills to realize my design, I will need to enlist the aid of fabricators to realize the project. Fabrication costs will be my responsibility.