Henderson Art Project


Chris Navarro

Head    3 x 3

Creating works of art in different mediums is a form of expression that allows me to connect to something more important than me.  Creating art is more than me; it’s everywhere and it’s everyone. 
My mom has always instilled in me a philosophy that art belongs to the people.  She had the opportunity to be an Artist in Residence, for the City of Houston as well as the City of Dallas.   Art is not just in museums or in fancy buildings or in rich peoples’ homes… it belongs to everyone.  Art should be available and accessible to everyone and everyday.
The placement of art pieces on Henderson Street is a fantastic idea.  Perhaps this will be the beginning or more pieces on other streets in the future.  Of course, I would like to be one of the artist you pick to place work on Henderson Street but more importantly is that you continue to have contests such as these to help out the community be exposed to art as well as helping the artist get exposed..