Henderson Art Project

One Step

Morris Smart

‘ONE STEP’   24”w X 24”L X 76” Hi    

The Piece:
A human scale piece of welded steel, ‘One Step’ symbolizes the first step in any personal journey.  The curvilinear components give a sense of movement when viewed by a passerby.  The stance shows purpose and a sense of destination.  The thick steel structure imparts a strength of will.  The oxidized surface creates an aura of age and wisdom.  When installed in the streetscape of Henderson, ‘One Step’ will become a recognizable character to the people who encounter it in their travels.

Installed on any concrete surface with drop in expansion anchors and vandal-proof bolts.  Its shape and surfaces will not invite tagging and graffiti.  Its fabrication is heavy steel, not likely to be damaged by carelessness.  Its compact form lends itself to many possible installation locations.