Henderson Art Project

Door Sculpture

Ricardo Garcia


Architectural Elements as Sculptural Objects

What is a door, its functionality, its symbolic presence in our lives…these are some of the core issues being explored with the idea of installing a freestanding door along  busy Henderson Ave.  How is seeing a freestanding and functioning door different than seeing and experiencing a door which is connected to a glass wall or sheetrock wall?  What do doors represent to us in the Dream state? How can a door be perceived while sitting atop a knoll of grass or a section of concrete jungle being a pedestrians sidewalk? What would a door represent to a child coming home from the school on Henderson Ave? Would it be something of an extreme symbolic gesture to behold as a sculpture, rather than a steel sculpture of some sort? The extremity of an interactive symbol as a sculptural element, to me, in a heavily populated area might affect the stasis of the minds wanderings.  Being a fully functioning door could perhaps stimulate the minds processes even further than merely observing it as an object of no static spacetime.  No doubt the unconscious subtleties of such an encounter may be, the impact of such a gesture to me, would definitely act more of a catalyst for provoking thought, rather than an abstract form of constructed steel art, or what have you.  I foresee many doors randomly set in unexpected settings in the future.  Let this be the inauguration.  Farewell.