Henderson Art Project

Rising through the clouds

Michael Shubin

1)Rising through the clouds
    artist interpretation: Large disc represents the ground on Henderson Ave. Three large steel monoliths with etchings on exterior side represent the changes that have occurred in this community over the last several decades(similiar to growth rings in a trees core). The 3 large glass rings represent the clouds in the sky. The large carved granite pillar in the center depicts the regrowth of the Henderson area in regards to community involvement and redevelopment.

Dimensions and material listing:
+Disc:3/4” steel disc appox 48-54” in diameter. Disc will set on several steel feet to raise sculpture additional 4-5”
+ Monoliths: 4” X 4” X 14 gauge steel tubes with etching on outward face. Each monolith will be approximately 12’ tall. Secured in place with bolts/nuts.
+Clouds: Qty(3) ¾” to 1” thick plexiglass or glass rings sandblasted on bottom side. Steel brackets from monoliths will hold rings securely in place to prevent movement
+Pillar: Grey speckled granite approx 4-5’ tall with 6”X 6” thickness.Carved into partial spiral at the bottom. The granite pillar will rest on a large steel pin which is welded onto the disc.
*Note:all steel parts will be sandblasted and allowed to oxidize in
the outdoor climate. Sculpture will have a rust look which will contrast nicely with the frosted rings and speckled gray granite.