Henderson Art Project

Urban Totem

Brad Ford Smith

Urban Totems- 4 carved, chiseled, whitewashed & blackened wood forms ea approx 7 ft x 20 in Dia base x 9in Dia top

A linear display of natural forms recognizable as cylindrical tree trunks despite   imposed physical mutation. This series is fashioned from felled local trees that would otherwise be treated as bulk trash and simply land filled.  Beam, Plank & Flitch utilizes this overlooked urban resource to create one of-a-kind works of art and furnishings.

In the design for Urban Totems, Beam Plank & Flitch manipulates the individual natural tree forms into a singular altered irregular monolithic object   through rough carving, scratching, painting and blackening of the wood grain.

The forms are whitewashed with a diluted zero VOC exterior house paint and then individually carved with the subtractive areas chiseled and blackened. The columns will be secured to a concrete pad using a steel dowel system and reinforced with steel collars.