Henderson Art Project

Urban Array

Brad Ford Smith

5 carved & whitewashed solid wood forms ea approx 7 ft x 20in Dia base x 9in Dia top

An aggregate piece consisting of 5 tree trunks, each carved and whitewashed in the same manner. This grouping of wood trunks is fashioned from felled local trees that would otherwise be treated as bulk trash and simply land filled.

Beam, Plank & Flitch utilizes this overlooked urban resource to create one of-a-kind works of art and furnishings. In the design of Urban Array, Beam Plank & Flitch uses the repetition of form to create a familiar pattern, almost utilitarian in nature like the handle of an old tool or the back of a chair.

Each form is whitewashed using a diluted white zero VOC exterior house paint. The form will be secured to a concrete pad using a steel dowel system and reinforced with steel collars.