Henderson Art Project

Urban Astro

Terri Stone

Urban Astro, approximate size; 4.5’ H x 3’ W x  3.75’ D

One way to define a neighborhood is by its residents.
If it is a good one, you are sure to see people who love
to be out with their dogs.
So I propose this “Urban Astro” for the neighbors of  Henderson.

If chosen, this pup will be made of mixed re-purposed metals.
Ranging from steel to copper to aluminium, they will not be
painted to preserve the contrast of materials.

This mutt will obediently sit and stay via concrete anchors.
(Dependent upon placement concrete may already exist or will need to be set.)
Astro is estimated to sit at 4’5” tall, 3’ wide and almost 4’ deep.

Thank you for your consideration and feel free to throw me a bone...