Henderson Art Project

Jam Session

T. Scott Stromberg

Jam Session, approx 48" tall by 60" x 60"    

Since the 1980s, my work has consisted of figurative abstract paintings consisting of lyrical plays on color, texture and pattern.  Through the use of abstraction and deconstruction I am able to explore the deeper foundations of my subjects.

The influence of music, or “liquid creativity” is an overarching theme of my work. I have a strong emotional attachment to jazz; the rhythm, harmony, and deconstruction have strong parallels to my visual work. I spend a lot of time in my work trying to visualize not only the musicians but also the music they are playing; color, texture, and pattern are often visual representations created to communicate mood, rhythm, and composition.

My intention is to communicate not only a visual tale but to also interpret the aural tale as well. In all of my work it is my intention and passion to communicate something unique and personal.

Soli Deo Gloria,