Henderson Art Project


Steve Lawrence


Because I grew up in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood this public arts project instantly struck a chord with me.   My grandfather was a carpenter and butcher on Greenville Avenue and I’ve lived and worked in Vickery Place for many years.  I have an intimate connection to the community as well as a personal investment in its visual landscape.  I like the Henderson Art Project’s tenet of urban art as a “creative collision” and have attempted to translate that abstraction into a sculptural form.  “Stake” is a 12 x 72 inch equilateral three-sided column conceived and designed especially for the Henderson/Miller intersection.  This space in front of Tei Tei—a favorite local sushi spot—is both well-lit by a street lamp over head and well-traveled by pedestrians, diners, dog-walkers and the occasional drunk (or two).  It is significant for me as a native and an artist giving me both a personal and professional stake in the site.  My large 2-D work hangs on the restaurant walls and I see “Stake” as an extension of those canvases—re-negotiating the barriers between artificial constructs such as indoor and outdoor, private and public, exterior and interior, the individual and the community as well as art and commerce.  Each panel of the vertical triangle is constructed of plaster on Hardy board painted rouge Van Dyck acrylic.  In the spirit of a “creative collision,” I impaled each side with maple-stained pinon pegs, or stakes.   The entire piece is finished with a weather-proof, water-resistant, UV-protective seal and mounted on a cement mold-impervious