Henderson Art Project

Libertad de mi Opression de La Vida

Santiago Pena


This piece is a reflection of my life, and how hard it has been to live my life. My life as a young child was a total struggle, and an extremely terrifying learning experience for me. I was in and out of foster homes, juvenile centers, churches, and anywhere else whom would have me for a while. My Mother simply had too many children to care for, and she obviously could only do what she could do. My Father remains unknown to me, although, I do wonder from time to time, who this person may have been.

This sculpture, from my eyes, expresses the strongholds of naturalism. It was very apparent to me that "Life Is Hard," from the onset of being able to understand the realities of the consequences that one chooses to bestow in life. I have learned that "Life Has No Favorites," and one must endure what has been presented to the best of his ability.

I have, and I continue to suffer the fragility of life within my soul. I strive to become, and not to simply be. I learn to cope with my life and it's ever changing realities everyday. At times I remember the past, and it reminds me of how things were, but I adapt and overcome, and continue to move forward in my search for my own peace and tranquility, no matter how hard and overwhelming the search may lead to be.

Many of you may see a different aspect in this sculpture, and may begin to research your minds, and find truths, and past experiences of your very own lives, and be able to relate to this work. For me, this my way of coping with, and understanding the differences of the many people of life and how different their worlds have been, and continue to be, compared to my own.

I dedicate this sculpture, "Libertad de mi Opression de La Vida," to the many Orphans, Abused Children, both past and current, and to all of those who made it out of this turmoil and treacherous life, and most of all, to all of those that were left behind.