Henderson Art Project


Pascale Pryor


Untitled, - 7ft deep, 5ft wide, 10ft high

Three freestanding shapes built with 16 guage sheet metal, 5.5 ft, 8 ft and 10 ft tall, has no sharp edges. Will be a leathery rust color that darkens as it matures. Can be bolted to the concrete or anchored to the ground depending on placement.
Henderson is a busy street where people not only work, relax and shop, but also live. I designed this family of organic shapes to add a touch of quiet grace to their surroundings. The relationship and harmony among the three pieces is as interesting as the pieces themselves. Each takes their own space like the different people making up a community.
My favorite spots are site #1 nested in the middle of the landscaped area, or site #10. I like site #10 because my sculpture would become the centerpiece of that corner. The nearby beige building provides a solid background. I also hope for an occasional smile from the school children.