Henderson Art Project

Circles on the square

Nic Noblique

“Circles on the Square” 8 x 3 x 3 Feet (will be powder coated candy blue on the bottom circle and candy teal on the top portion protruding from the bottom circle)

My sculpture is based on the idea of 3/5/8 mathematical beauty, suggesting everything in nature can be broken down into those proportions and that everything is a structural spiral.  I use reclaimed and salvaged steel to build my sculpture and powder coatings that are exponentially better for the environment than liquid finishes.  I’m interested in achieving new levels of sustainability in public sculpture.  I take most pride in the fact that my sculpture, each and every one, is made by my own hand and equipment that I’ve built.  The finished sculpture is graceful, ethereal, soft, and happy although it comes from rough, cold, rigid steel.  It’s not about making a social or political statement or regurgitating a bygone aesthetic or art movement, my sculpture is about form, lines, and movement from the depths of my own imagination, that engage the natural environment in an oddly organic way.  I hope that my sculpture plays a visual trick, a balancing act, and contradicts the very nature of the material I use to produce it.  I want the viewer to see it floating and balancing delicately with a confusing afterthought of the enormous weight involved.  I’m particularly proud to produce site-specific works that involve and engage a community.  I hope the Dallas community around Henderson Avenue will be inspired to breathe, think, engage their children, and discuss the immeasurable impact of all the art involved in this project and I will be most proud to have made a contribution to that end.