Henderson Art Project

The Golden Angel


Marco Rubino

The drawings of this piece show how it will be built out of five main parts: The two wings, the S shaped pipe, and the two spherical shapes made of stainless steel disks held together with a rod. One drawing also shows the dimensions.
The parts will be installed on site. The two wings connected at an angle as shown with 6 bolts at the corner, and held in there position by two bars (pipes) which connect them, with bolts, from behind.
The whole piece will be anchored at the ground through the wings, with four bolts at the inside of the piece.
The color of the outside of the wings will be golden/orange, while the inner surfaces will be gray.
The pipe will be a metallic teal/bleu color.
This piece represents the capability of flying with our mind, while being solidly grounded in our concepts.