Henderson Art Project


Kristen Rice


Each one of my concepts strives to express themes of hope and deliverance, which are themes that seem to fall in line with the renewal of the Henderson Avenue area.  My concepts are flexible and if selected, I’ll work with Henderson Art Project to complete a piece that fits well in its environment.

While Redemption is the only large-scale sculpture project I’ve completed of my own, it is not the only large-scale installation I’ve done.  I specialize in the implementation of public art projects with inner-city children.  I also have a degree in set design and construction, and I have over a decade of experience in large productions.  The three-week time frame will be plenty of time to plan, complete and install. 

Redemption is a sculpture that I’ve already transferred into a large-scale installation.  It is currently a permanent part of the courtyard at K.B. Polk Elementary in Dallas ISD.  The large-scale version is about 11 feet tall, but if Redemption was chosen to be a part of the Henderson Art Project, the size could be adjusted to fit the space.