Henderson Art Project

Flower House

Keith Clementson    
Flower House, 12' x 8' x 4' Detail of crumpled hex wire underneath the house. A commercial-grade stucco-like finish is applied to this wooden house. This finish is extremely durable and weatherproofs the piece. The house is hollow allowing rebar radii to emanate from all corners and then converge to form the main stem that supports the entire sculpture. I have already built this house.

The main structure is supported by rebar radii emanating from underneath all corners of the house atop, which is made of wood and exterior stucco painted with exterior house paint. The rebar radii converge to form a main stem wrapped in black wire and cemented into the ground (requires a grass site). The main "flower" is filled with yellow crumpled hex wire. One of two tall, flanking stems holds a smaller scribble "flower" made of crumpled hex wire. A thin rod connects the two tall rebar stems. All rebar is painted black.

All my designs are digitally created and scalable to meet the size requirements of any site.

My designs will move somewhat in the wind to steal attention from busy backgrounds. They are designed for the utmost structural integrity (storm-proof) and safety concerns. Once vandals graffitti them, I will then heavily graffiti them into a busy urban visual cacophony, like a subway train. My houses refer to the last line of Psalm 23 and imply eternal life.