Henderson Art Project

Home Vase

  This is the rooftop side of "Home Vase." Strips of tin are overlapped like shingles.
Keith Clementson

Home Vase, Rebar, wood, crumpled hexwire, 10' x 5' x 7'

"Home Vase" is solid wood and has a metal roof of overlapping tin strips. Solid wood construction allows for deep holes to be drilled for the purpose of anchoring the tall rebar stems, on which flowers - made of crumpled, painted hex wire - are attached to imitate scribbled pencil drawings. The house is painted with exterior house paint and easily anchored to either concrete or grass pad sites.

All my designs are digitally created and scalable to meet the size requirements of any site.

My designs will move somewhat in the wind to steal attention from busy backgrounds. They are designed for the utmost structural integrity (storm-proof) and safety concerns. Once vandals graffitti them, I will then heavily graffiti them into a busy urban visual cacophony, like a subway train. My houses refer to the last line of Psalm 23 and imply eternal life.