Henderson Art Project

Swircle of Life

Jay Silber


Swircle of Life; ~5’ wide and ~8’ tall

This piece combines swirls (scrolls) and circles with a mosaic center. The Central mosaic was designed in conjunction with, and built by, Juli Hulcy. The photograph shows the prototype for this piece, which will be scaled up for better impact along the roadway. The outer ring will be heavy stock and 4’ in diameter; the center ring for the mosaic will be 12”. The mosaic will add significant color and visual interest. The stand will be powder coated Red Sparkle, which will be quit spectacular in the both the sunlight and headlights. The rings/scrolls will be powder coated a dark multi-color sparkle, again with a lot of visual interest, even for cars at speed.
All the scrolls will be hand-forged. The base will be built for mounting on grass or hard surface, as necessary. The top scrolls on the stand are after the sculpture Jimbo, done several years ago in honor of a deceased friend. I thought this was appropriate since his demise was auto related; hopefully the drivers on Henderson will be a bit more alert.