Henderson Art Project

Corresponding Chaos

Jason LaJudice

Corresponding Chaos       28”x28”x7ft  

Corresponding Chaos is a 28” x 28” x 7’ structure made up of eight branches of 1”x1” tube steel.  Each square tube ventures into a spiral to the top.  Each tube has a corresponding tube that follows.  If you take a closer look at the base, four tubes offshoot from the four at the base.  These branches spin in the opposite direction of their parent branches.  The ones on the inside are on the outside by the time they reach the top. Corresponding chaos is designed for the outdoors.  As the sun moves across the sky, the structure will produces interesting shape shifting shadows.  The surface finish is a hammer tone grey with silver and black vein powder coated finish.  Corresponding chaos is an amazing structure.  Take a walk around it and watch it transform in front of your eyes.