Henderson Art Project


Jackson Ferch


Designed for mounting on exterior wall of building

All materials and fabrication, labor, transportation and installation have been pre-arranged and negotiated with Continental Steel & Tube Company and Bryant Art Bronze of Azle, Texas.

My proposal is a Sculpture called “Metroplex”… It is a representation of our unique City Space Situation here in North Texas… As a Unit, the Metroplex is a powerful Corporate, Industrial, Artistic and Social force in the World…The design incorporates the Golden Triangle, made up of  the Cities of Denton, Dallas and Fort Worth, along with the dozens of other Cities and Municipalities within and surrounding the Metroplex Area…

The entire sculpture will be fabricated from 16 Gage, 1 Inch Stainless Steel Tubing and Tig-Welded in construction. There are two 3.5 foot triangles interfaced with each other as the basic structure of the sculpture… From this triangular base, extend three sets of seven 10 foot flares, giving the sculpture a total of twenty one flares, which represent the impact our Metroplex, here in North Texas, radiates to the World…

The sculpture will be fabricated only after selection, due to the expense of producing the piece. The sculpture is to be mounted on an exterior wall at one of the sites, so the bottom of the flares are at least 15 feet above the ground… The upper flares of the sculpture can extend above the building to which it is mounted… The size of the sculpture is 15 feet in diameter, and extends from the wall about 5 feet… There are three mounting pads that will extend from the triangular base, to be anchored to the wall, each with three stainless steel bolts…  The total weight of the sculpture is under-175 pounds.

I am attaching three digital photographs of the model of the sculpture “Metroplex” for your visual consideration…