Henderson Art Project

Human Figure

Geoff Hager

With my images I’m showing you what I can do. For this project I’d like to do a ten foot tall human figure as indicated by the attached sketch.  For the “Henderson piece” I’d be working in a thicker steel rod so as to be more durable in a public space.  The piece would be bolted to the concrete.

My work is in painting and sculpture but for the Henderson Project I am offering a steel sculpture.

I see this project as an opportunity to brighten the streets of Dallas.  There is a lot of talk about more art in this city but this project is getting it done. What I am offering is to weld up a ten foot tall human form created in bent steel rods. It would be mounted to bolts secured in concrete. The finish will be raw steel that will rust into a nice brown patina in the first few weeks.

I produce a series of the human forms in steel rods or frequently simple construction nails welded together. I like to juxtaposition of the fluid human form made out of one of our most ridged materials.  While the viewer can see through the figure, its linear form makes the statement that we are here, we are building our environment. And in the over sized scale people just gravitate to them.