Henderson Art Project

Blue Majesty 

Lynn Reagan & Sissy Bingham

Blue Majesty      58” x 49” x 34”  

Blue Majesty is constructed of a foam base wrapped with slurry and webbing.  Each box is mosaicked with blue tiles and mirrors, which takes on a life of its own by cascading.  The displayer can choose to make the art cascade up or down by inverting the boxes.
This structure can be made into a very tall, 7 foot totem or a shorter version (pictured) which is about 5 feet tall with a 4 foot by 3 foot base. 
If a client wants to be more creative it can even be made into a waterfall-type of structure.
The beauty of this piece is unbelievably majestic when light reflects off of the mirrors—hence the name “Blue Majesty.”