Henderson Art Project


Eliseo Garcia  

“Gyrations” is a metal sculpture designed and created with a blending of fine art qualities accented with a urban art funky persona.  This large scale sculpture is solidly built to stand out within the hustle and bustle atmosphere of Henderson Ave.  If selected, “Gyrations” will be painted a strong red to visually establish its presence in this highly busy and buzzing environment.  Recycle steel was cut, bent, welded, and bolted to withstand all weather conditions, and interaction, with pedestrian traffic. The artistic goal was to generate a visual sensation and awareness of movement representing linear time and change. This is accomplished by utilizing spanning steel beams arching into space from a three-dimensional spatial configuration.  The sculpture will be anchored to the earth via a heavy metal disk as it visually flows skyward to multiple destinations. It wiggles slightly with the rhythm of the wind, traffic air currents, and human interaction.  It symbolizes a culturally diversified, eclectic, and historic Dallas neighborhood changing continuously with the times yet holding on to residential and commercial roots.