Henderson Art Project

Who's Watching Who

David Hickman

Two wind activated kinetic elements standing 14’ tall with the top element rotating through a 10’ dia. circle.

Who’s Watching Who is a wind-activated, kinetic sculpture with a porpoise and scuba diver taking turns observing each other as the wind currents change direction. This work was conceived and constructed in 2009 for exhibit at the State Fair of Texas. I am presently fleshing out the diver’s form slightly to allow his image to read more clearly. I am also going to brighten up his colors, and add a small school of tropical fish to trail along with both the diver and the porpoise. The two elements of this work should be sited in close proximity to each other (minimum mounting distance of 12’), but could also “look” at each other from across the street.  This type of sculpture works well in a street side location because the curving mounting poles don’t block pedestrian or vehicular sight lines, and the kinetic elements are located  over 10’ above the ground, out of harms way.