Henderson Art Project


Clint Ray

Star    96” x 84” x 55”      

My submission takes the form of a star springing from the tip of a pyramid. The pyramid is canted by extending two legs thus tipping the attached star at a jaunty angle. This combination creates a sense of motion and stabilizes the center of gravity. My choice of sites would be #7 0r #3. Both locations have good sight lines from Henderson, are in high traffic areas and have level surfaces.

I believe the function of Art is communication. In sculpting this requires manipulation of material to define and enclose space. Central to this is structure. Using the principle of “greatest strength with least material” I have studied polyhedra, their extensions and relations, for 25 years. As an artist I have pursued an aesthetic representation of these studies. I have been inspired by engineers, Alexander Graham Bell and R. Buckminster Fuller, as well as artists such as Tony Smith and M.C. Escher. In my search for expression I have used traditional materials of ceramics and wood, also casting in bronze, aluminum and iron. Every day and ephemeral materials interest me. Previous endeavors have included: paper plates, drinking straws, chicken wire, PVC pipe and coat hangers.
“Star” continues this conceit by using conduit available anywhere. This piece is uniform lengths of galvanized steel conduit with holes drilled into each end. The ends are connected using 19 gauge galvanized steel wire. These elements are arranged into interconnected polyhedra to form larger shapes, retaining the structural integrity of the polyhedral cells. An additional aspect is that balloons can be inflated inside octahedrons forming the star, adding color specific to holidays and events.

My goal is to illustrate that the potential for Art is all around us and , by uniting and organizing, we can create Beauty and Stability.