Henderson Art Project

Yellow Rose

Chris Lattanzio

59 x 87 x 12  base is two poles 12-18 inches abobe ground and minimum 24 inches below surface    

The Yellow Rose is a 3-D line sculpture made from 3/8 steel plate which is laser carved and rolled for added dimension on a Dovi Flat sheet roller. This sculpture is created from an original sketch and wood model (which are available for sale and can be purchased individually or as sculpture package through Dahlia Woods Gallery).

The Yellow Rose, the state flower of the proud state of Texas, is a large sculpture that focuses on the macro view of the center of this beautiful flower. Looking deeply into a flower’s center is taken from a poem where the protagonist looks deep into a flower for the presence of a higher being.  The Yellow Rose manifests my search for this presence in a unique medium called 3-d line sculpture.  The abstraction of the lines and the space between the solid metal exists because the object has been blown up to such large proportion, and enables viewers to see through the work, slowly becoming aware of the depth of field the sculpture exists in and discover what the lines form as the Yellow Rose reacts with light, wind and its surrounding environment.
I often wonder on long highway drives what people would follow if there were no lines on the road?  This thought begins my observation of everyday objects and  inspires my idea of  lines defining  a particular space and object  while my creation of these thoughts  allows the viewers  mind to wonder through the work and find their own thoughts/paths; their own depth of field .