Henderson Art Project

A Tree in the City is Worth 10 in the Woods

Cassandra Fink


"A Tree in the City is Worth 10 in the Woods" 6' tall x 3' wide, powder-coated Steel.  (This sculpture is being made specifically with HAP in mind. It is over halfway done.)

From a distance this sculpture looks like it might be an odd sort of tree; as you get closer you see that it actually forms a ring of trees. When you get even closer you are able to see the city inside it.  It encourages the viewer to peer into its round forest body and see the inner city protected and surrounded by vegetation, as metaphor for integrating urban life with nature and living in accordance with it. 

The sculpture also encourages viewers to notice the beauty of negative space, what we normally regard as nothingness, in relation to positive space. It asks which is more the focal point, the shape of the metal or its absence? 

This sculpture strives to remind us that we can create a harmonious balance between nature and the city.  Cities desperately need trees and vegetation, and not only for aesthetic beauty. Climatologists show a marked decrease in pollution within urban areas where parks are plentiful with trees and plants; there the air quality is far cleaner and healthier. We supply them with carbon dioxide that they need, they in turn give us the life-giving oxygen that we require; it's a pretty wonderful exchange.