Henderson Art Project

LED Sculptured Light Experimentation

Jonathan Brown


LED Sculptured Light Experimentation

What is this?
The illuminated light structure is essentially a simple, rectangular tower. The base structure is constructed of clear acrylic and is completely incased by glass (using my mosaic technique.) These elements create the humorous, yet hip people of the city design concept - lit from within, to represent Dallas!

How’s this made?
 The exterior is broken pieces of glass adhered to acrylic using clear silicone. The type of glass to be used is domestic (Seattle - Spectrum Glass). The glass mosaic is put together by hand then grouted using sanded grout to seal the mosaic together as one waterproof structure. The grouting of the mosaic has details within it as well. The glass mosaic is semi-translucent white and black glass. I grout these areas differently, black grout for black glass and white grout for white glass. Looking at the sample image (see image -  Sample02_JonathanBrown.jpg) you can see my detailed grouting technique. Once the glass and grouting are complete, the entire structure is sealed using a clear epoxy resin, which makes the completed sculpture smooth to the touch and water tight.

What’s in it?
 The structure’s interior consists of one light-emitting diode (LED) light within the base, bouncing light straight up within the shape itself. The size of the structure (shown in image - Concept_JonathanBrown.jpg) is 6' x 2' sq. LEDs put out a tremendous amount of light for their size and their energy draw. Combining very low voltage LED lights with a rechargeable solar-powered NiCad battery system, this lighting system creates almost no heat and uses very little electricity. The result is a light that burns bright, inexpensively, cool, safe and for a very long period of time. Using the solar panel to power the LED light embedded within the top of the sculpture, the solar panel (also referred to as a PV - photo voltaic cell) can, even with few hours under a bright street lamp at night add a burn time to the solar LED light system.

In conclusion...
The sculpture will be firmly bolted to cement using four 1/2" W x 2" H bolts.  Another thing to note - with this type of concept it would be easy to add a speaking motion sensor so that the visually-impaired don't walk into it (or explore other fun speaking proximity sensors!)