3025 Gloryview Property

A/C units

West unit is out -

East unit is working, but not performing at peak.

Suggestion: Find replacement for west unit, place on east side and move east unit to west side of house. My office and bedroom are on the east side of the house. The west unit cools half the main area of the house, the den, kitchen and one bedroom which I don't use. I'm currently running the east unit which keeps the temperature around 85 degrees on west side of house. This winter, I don't believe one unit will be suffice.
Cracked tinted skylight cover   This is not an issue. I'm including it as a potential future concern. If there are replacement shield available, I can replace this cover.
Reroute yard water   It was discussed last year to reroute the water sprinkler system past the treated water lines and use water straight from the well.
This tree is located in the inner yard of the property. It has two large branches cracked from wind damage. It will require large equipment to prune and create a large amount of brush.
Winterize water pump   This is not a current issue, but possibly a project for the low priority list. We used a lightbulb plugged into a garage outlet by extension cord to keep the pump from freezing this past winter.
Grade driveway   The road work stopped halfway up the drive. This section is not rutted as badly as the front half was, but has one area that could use some attention.
Mow field   Last year, the mowers came into the inner field area of the property. This does not affect me, but I included it as an FYI. The inner field was not mowed.
Shower light   The shower light worked when I first moved-in. It went out and I replaced the bulb two different times. I was told it is probably moisture entering the light fixture.
Winterize Pump Closet   Another low priority issue. The pump room was hurriedly winterized to create a quick fix. Last winter the water pumps froze. We used plastic on the outside door and a light bulb to keep the water lines from freezing.
Exterior lighting I don't have a preference, but have noted that the property is very dark at night and these lights are available to light the area at night. I've replaced the light bulbs with no results.
Barn roof tile

- hole in two tiles

- one cracked roof tile

- one tile loose

This is not a priority at the moment, but will be very important to fix as soon as the hole in the roof tile gets larger. I have equipment that can't get wet. I'm also concerned with the wind, that this will get worse sooner than later.
Sprinkler System
    This winter the sprinkler system was shutoff. I need help getting the system back on with consideration of not using treated water to spray the lawn.
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