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For those serious about art & passionate about life.

The Artist Consortium is a virtual space (web site) designed to connect a community of artists, art enthusiasts, and those who would benefit from a creative touch.  The intention is to create a self-populating database similar to the Wikipedia model that connects buyers with sellers, organizations in need with volunteers, and resources to individuals who are working as professional artists.

The unique aspect of the Artists Consortium will be a comprehensive database, populated by the art community it serves and a committee of industry leaders and experts willing to promote local artists and the metroplex art community.  The Artists Consortium will rely on a combination of volunteers, paid experts, and charitable contributions by donors interested in supporting the arts.  Revenue sources for the Artists Consortium include membership fees and commissions from organized events.  The objective is not to compete with local organizations, but to enhance their services, expand their reach, and provide a connection to a more developed, professional art network not easily accessed.
The Artists Consortium mission is to open doors commonly closed to emerging artists and expose metroplex talent to art professionals who commonly overlook smaller markets.  The AC is more than a database of talented local artists, but a committee of respected experts and academics who can elevate the relevance and exposure of the consortium by their association and active participation.

The genesis of the Artists Consortium came from my observations while serving on the board of the Texas Sculpture Association.  I experienced the challenge of serving a diverse community of creative people with as many reasons for producing art as members and the realization that there are many, many talented people who are creating quality work that never receive the appropriate recognition.  Finally, it became apparent that a common trap in which new artists easily fall is the idea that exhibiting the work in any venue is an accomplishment and will further their art career as possibly some art buyer will see their work, appreciate their talent and this will lead to an art supported career.  I label this approach to art sales as “the stumble factor.”  Unfortunately, many art shows and exhibitions that cater to emerging artists, the attendees are primarily family members and the other participating artists in the show.  The remaining space is often filled with people more interested in the re-heated hors d'oeuvre, cheap wine and the party, instead of viewing serious works of art.  Although, the general idea of exposure is solid, the model of quantity over quality and randomly placing work without considering the audience, credibility of venue and supporting promotional materials is similar to a company creating a product and placing it in a neighborhood garage sale. 

The Artist Consortium mission is to serve artists who want to sell their work.   Services and programs offered by the Artist Consortium consider and cater to the entire art community and connecting people who would benefit from a creative touch.  The goal is to include a wide array of art enthusiasts including: artists, collectors, galleries, universities, artist’s residencies, non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, local neighborhoods and municipalities.  Although, the idea of a creative membership with a passion for supporting their community will appeal to a large demographic, the services and programs offered by the Artists Consortium will always be designed to serve the serious artists.  As a result, the hope is that the community benefits as the artists flourish.


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